Reactivation of cancelled or suspended subscriptions

BookingFor: Subscription lifecycle

The following graphic shows what you can expect when a paid BookingFor subscription expires.

lifecycle en

If a subscription has been cancelled accidentally or has been allowed to lapse or if you have simply changed your mind, it is possible to reactivate the subscription if said subscription allows for a suspension period: the suspension period indicates the amount of time allowed to renew or update the service after the subscription has expired or been cancelled; in addition, some services maintain certain specific details if reactivated during the suspension period.  However, not all subscriptions allow for a suspension period. For information related to the suspension period, please refer to the agreement related to the subscription service.


To view the agreement related to the subscription service:


  1. Access the BookingFor – Invoicing Account website.
  2. Touch or click on Subscriptions.
  3. Select the subscription to view or manage.
  4. Touch or click on Read the agreement related to the service, if the link is displayed together with the description of the subscription. If the link to the agreement related to the subscription service is not displayed, please refer to the welcome email message received or the email containing details of how to access the subscription.


If the terms of the subscription include a suspension period, you may Contact technical support for assistance with reactivation. If the subscription did not allow for a suspension period or if the suspension period has expired, you will need to create a new subscription if you wish to use this service again.





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