Automatic renewal

Automatic renewal is usually a simple and convenient way to continue using a subscription service without the risk of interruptions and without having to remember to renew the subscription manually each time it is due. Indeed, this option makes it possible to renew the subscription automatically and receive an invoice in accordance with the chosen method of payment at the end of each subscription period.

Some aspects that should be taken into account in relation to automatic renewal are detailed here below:

  • Do not forget to keep information concerning the method of payment up to date, especially if using a credit or debit card.
  • Bear in mind that the invoice date for automatic renewal of the subscription may not coincide with the date on which the amount is debited using the chosen method of payment.
  • Automatic renewals will remain enabled until you disable them for your subscription or cancel the subscription.
  • You can disable automatic renewal of your subscription at any time, however in that case it is possible that you will be asked to pay any outstanding balances.
  • If you disable automatic renewal, the subscription will expire at the end of the current subscription period, unless you enable automatic renewal again or purchase a new subscription.