Invoicing cycles and plans

Some concepts related to invoicing, for example i outstanding balances and automatic renewal, may be difficult to understand. These concepts will seem much clearer once you understand the BookingFor invoicing cycle. To this end, it is important to clarify the meaning of the following two terms:

  • Anniversary of the account:: date on which the BookingFor account was first used to make a purchase from Ipertrade. This is the date on which Ipertrade creates an invoicing profile for the BookingFor account.
  • Anniversary of the subscription: date on which you registered for a subscription. This is used as the date of renewal or expiry, depending on the terms of invoicing and is usually monthly or annual.

Ipertrade issues an invoice for a subscription on the anniversary of the subscription. However, it is possible that the amount for the renewal may not be debited until the next anniversary of the account, especially if a credit card with automatic renewal has been enabled for that subscription. In that case, the balance will remain outstanding between the date of invoice and the date on which the amount is debited in accordance with the method of payment specified on the invoice.

For example let us assume that the first purchase made with the BookingFor account was on 5 May and you registered for a subscription on 1st June. The invoice for automatic renewal of the subscription would be issued on 1st July, but no charge would be debited using the method of payment chosen for said renewal until 5th July. Therefore, the balance for the renewal would remain outstanding between 1st July and 5th July.

Other important concepts related to the invoicing cycle adopted by Ipertrade are detailed here below:

  • If automatic renewal has been enabled for multiple subscriptions, it is possible that the subscription fees will be debited on the date of the anniversary of the account, even if the subscriptions have different renewal dates.
  • Some services may issue multiple invoices between the subscription anniversary dates.
  • If the subscription is renewed on an annual basis, a reminder will be sent by email before the annual payment is due.
  • For further information concerning the subscription invoicing cycle, please refer to the Agreement related to the subscription service.