BookingFor prices are simple and free from commission fees

 All of the price plans offer a 15-day money back guarantee, guaranteed support and more than 20 free add-ons
Bookingfor offers a monthly subscription package, with no lengthy minimum term, and it is scalable, meaning it can be adapted to suit your business volume.



€ 45/month

Subscriptions 1
Merchant 5
Unlimited resources per merchant
Basic support
100 monthly Bookings/Booking Requests


€ 125/month

Subscriptions 1
Merchant 50
Unlimited resources per merchant
Basic support
250 monthly Bookings/Booking Requests


€ 240/month

Subscriptions 1
Merchant 150
Unlimited resources per merchant
Priority support
500 monthly Bookings/Booking Requests


€ 450/month

Subscriptions 1
Unlimited merchant accounts
Unlimited resources per merchant
Dedicated manager
1000 monthly Bookings/Booking Requests

The price does not include VAT


Do you have custom needs?

Are you a single accommodation? Do you think our packages are not fitted to your business? No problem, we can create a flat solution for your needs together with our partners.

no credit card required

Do you think you will need to handle more than 1000 Bookings/Booking Requests per month? It is easy to calculate the price, because you will be charged €0.45 per Booking or BookingFor Req.

Booking or Booking Req? : Choose the rate system that is best suited to your business model. Don’t worry, you can change it every time you renew your subscription.
What is a Booking? It is a single booking paid by credit card or using the “PAY LATER” option guaranteed by a credit card, irrespective of the number of people or services included (all of our price plans foresee a cost of €0.45 per transaction).
What is a Booking Req? It is a single VALID request created by the system. A valid request is defined as a request complete with details of the merchant, name, surname, e-mail address, resource/s, period of stay and number of people (some fields are not required in the event of the sale of property resources). Every request is unique and is not spammed to all merchants (Administrators should not enable scalar request).
Doubts about how the number of Booking Requests are calculated? No problem. Each merchant is asked to classify all of their BookingFor Requests and identify as SPAM any Booking Req that is deemed invalid.
The software has no operating limits and therefore there are no surprises.


Why is what we offer so successful?


The prices of all of our services are tailored to meet the needs of your business so they do not distract from your main focus or penalise the success of your business.

There are no commission fees.

We believe that paying out a share of your turnover for the use of software or an online booking system is unacceptable. Those who work hard every day to attract customers, guarantee the best standards of quality, invest in training and keep their technology up to date should only have to pay fixed rates based on volume and should not have to share a percentage of their turnover with a booking software firm.

No long contract, full of pitfalls

BookingFor gives you freedom and independence. Subscriptions are monthly and leave you free to change, without feeling as though your data is being held to hostage.

Free trial period

A free trial period is offered, during which all of Bookingfor’s functions will be fully operational and you will not be asked for credit card details. Your advertisers will immediately start to receive real, concrete bookings and your new business will get off to a flying start. In the event that you decide to confirm the subscription, any activities logged during the trial period will be retained in the log file.

Support included

To offer a good product you need great support. We have simplified all of the booking procedures to limit the need for support as much as possible. Our commitment to meet your needs and ensure that every question is answered is guaranteed.