Local Travel Alliance, a new philosophy for tourism

Local Travel Alliance (LTA) is a new way of thinking about online tourism that arises from the need to take concrete actions to find alternative sales solutions to OTAs.

Local Travel Alliance (LTA) is not a product or a standard, but a new interpretation of tourism promotion, a philosophy that places a territory with its characteristics and peculiarities at the center of communication and marketing. A promotion that cannot ignore the active contribution of local tour operators who, by joining together, can compete with OTAs. And they can do it on a ground in which these are weak, that is, passing through the enhancement of the territory, selling what OTAs will never be able to sell: emotions and experiences.

This is a huge evolution of thought for a market, like the Italian one, characterized by bell towers and individualisms, albeit with some exceptions. In fact, there are real cases that demonstrate how, by abandoning parochialism and leaving room for a strategic vision of promoting the area, it is possible to compete with OTAs by reducing the economic impact of commissions on bookings.

Bookingfor was born following this philosophy, a booking system designed to create and manage destination portals, groups of companies, private initiatives aimed at enhancing territories and local events. A project that was born to enhance the local on a global scale in a simple and effective way. That’s why Bookingfor is Local Travel Alliance.


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