Bookingfor is an online booking system that generates direct bookings through a tourism and territory promotion portal or website. It gives the possibility to DMOs (local, territorial or national bodies, consortia, cooperatives, tourism promotion companies, business networks …) through their tourism promotion portals, or to private entrepreneurs, through their websites, blogs and tourism portals, to develop new business by selling accommodation and non-tourist services online.
It is a versatile software that aggregates multiple types of accommodation and non-hospitality resources. It integrates with the site, ensuring maximum indexing on search engines, and allows the tourist or traveler to book a predefined or customized holiday package based on the resources proposed by the tour operator.

Designed to develop new business by marketing online and non-receptive tourist services, Bookingfor is for the tourism promotion portals of Consortia, Cooperatives, local, territorial or national authorities, tourism promotion companies, business networks …, and for websites, portals or blogs of individuals promoting tourism.

We are distinguished by the technology and functionality we offer. Bookingfor is a powerful, easy and intuitive online booking system. Designed and optimized to generate and increase direct online bookings. Furthermore, Bookingfor is scalable: it follows the volume of your business.
Once you have subscribed, with a few clicks the component is installed on the website or portal, and you can be up and running immediately.
No, Bookingfor non va installato sui pc. Alloggia sui nostri server, e puoi consultarlo da qualsiasi dispositivo.
In the event of a software update, the new features and improvements will be automatically and free of charge available to the portals and websites that use Bookingfor.
Bookingfor can be ordered and activated directly online by subscribing to a subscription that is customized according to the volume of business. Payment is made via Paypal.

The subscription is monthly, flexible and scalable. It is a prepaid subscription, and varies according to the volume of business (number of operators and number of reservations), so it is customized according to your business. There are no commissions.

The subscription is monthly and there are no long-term constraints. Therefore, Bookingfor could also be used for just one month.
Yes, the free trial period lasts… and shows all Bookingfor features.

Yes, during the free trial period all the features are active and the software is fully functional: without incurring costs, you will receive real and concrete bookings.

Before the expiry of the free trial period you will be contacted by us: we will ask you if you wish to activate the subscription. If you decide not to confirm, the service will be interrupted at no cost to you. If you decide to confirm and sign up for a subscription, all activities related to the trial period will be kept in the history.
No, with Bookingfor you only have the cost of the subscription.
Through the convenient reserved area or by connecting to your booking engine or Channel Manager.
Each tour operator inserts its own contractual and cancellation conditions in each resource’s card.
No, an unlimited number of resources can be configured.
Bookingfor manages all types of tourism products (rooms, bungalows, apartments, pitches). The estimate of each type will be managed according to different calculation logics.
Yes, of course, Bookingfor allows each operator to choose and manage their own marketing strategies in total freedom and autonomy. Discounts, early booking, long stay, last minute and last second, not refundable, reductions, supplements, coupon codes, no shows… every single operator can seize the opportunities and opportunities offered by the market in real time.
Yes, Bookingfor is a multilingual system.
Yes, the search mask and the results returned by Bookingfor are integrated into the portal and website respecting institutional graphics and corporate identity.
The credit card can be used as a guarantee or to pay for the reservation if the booking system of the single operator has enabled the function.
Yes, all communications are protected by strong encryption algorithms based on the SSL protocol at the highest possible security level. An additional guarantee of security is given by the SSL certificate. In addition, the card data are stored in encrypted form and are accessible only to the operator.
The traveler searches and selects the resources that interest him through the Bookingfor software installed on the portal or website, and with a few simple clicks he confirms the reservation.
Yes, Bookingfor is responsive, and travelers can book from the web, smartphone and tablet.
Not always, it depends on your business model but generally to use Bookingfor you don’t need a license from a tour operator or travel agency.
Yes, he receives a summary from the portal or website where he made the reservation, and a summary email that confirms the reservation and provides him with all the details to contact the tour operator.
Each operator provides assistance service to tourists and travelers. In the booking confirmation email, the tourist receives all the necessary data to contact the operator and receive full assistance.
Yes, with Bookingfor all bookings, payments, exchanges of messages between operator and customer are stored within a history, and available for viewing at any time.
The contents can be entered by individual operators manually, or by integrating their management system with Bookingfor.
Activate your free trial now.
Reservations are real, no credit card required, no automatic renewal.