User guide
There are 5 types of subscriptions available: Trial, Basic, Standard, Pro, Enterprise.
The term MERCHANT means the structure that houses the resources; that is the hotel, the camping, the agency, the bathing establishment, rental business, or in general whoever offers the service that the contact can book.

Tags and Tag Groups
With the term Tags and Tag Groups we refer to the metadata and their grouping that bookingfor mainly adopts to define the services of the structure and the resource offered to guests with or without a surcharge on the booking (For example air conditioning – Bar service – Common garden – Satellite TV ..) not included in the overall booking calculation

With the API of your BookingFor subscription you can create a network of websites

There are 4 types of accounts that can be created: Chief Executive Officer, Merchant Account, Staff Merchant Account, Multimerchant Account.

Merchant Categories
Through the Merchant Categories it is possible to group the merchants by type to facilitate the search by the user.

Cancellation terms
The subscription includes generic cancellation terms loaded by Default.

Product categories
With “Product category” we refer to the type of product that is attributed to a resource during creation, and which can be inserted as a filter during a search by the user.

Email It is
It is possible to completely customize the emails sent by the system.

Invoices and payments

The wording “Payments” refers to the payment method of the subscription.

Payment Methods
With “Methods of payment” we refer to the payment methods accepted by the accommodation.
Reservations and requests

Reservations and requests
RESERVATION OR REQUEST refers to the confirmed reservation or reservation request yet to be accepted and confirmed.

The term “Contact” refers to the natural person to whom the booking is nominally assigned.

From the “Reviews” section you can view and decide whether to publish or suspend the reviews made by guests at your facility.

Arrivals calendar
The arrivals calendar is an entry of the Master planner which gives the possibility to have a practical and quick overview of departures and arrivals.

Contact categories
By defining a “Contact Category” you can give members of this category special treatment (for example a discount for premium members).


The term RESOURCE means the service that is offered (Be it a room, a pitch or an apartment).

The term AVAILABILITY means the quantity of resources that can be booked in a given period.

Additional services
The term “Additional Service” refers to a service that the merchant can offer to guests of their property upon request.

Through the prices section it is possible to define the price and the type of calculation of the total price for each resource.

Discounts and supplements
The term DISCOUNT / SUPPLEMENT means a reduction or an increase in price.

Vacation packages
The holiday package is an additional Resource-Service association predefined by the merchant that can be booked by the user.

The term “Resource for sale” refers to resources that can be purchased or rented monthly well beyond the duration of a normal holiday.