For travel agencies and tour operators
It offers the possibility of converting visits to the portal into bookings and selling online the accommodation and extra-accommodation services offered by the operators. Thanks to the features of our software, it is possible to initiate a disintermediation process from OTAs: with Bookingfor, reservations and transactions are direct, and the tour operator receives all the contact details of those who have booked.
For blogs, websites, event or thematic portals
It gives blogs and websites that promote the Italian cultural and tourist offer the opportunity to start a profitable and interesting business, offering an efficient and intuitive booking service for tourist services. You can focus on content, while advertisers will take care of the management and updating of individual product sheets, prices, reservations, transactions and support for the traveler who made the booking.
For travel agencies and tour operators
Travel Agencies and Tour Operators, more and more often, offer tourists the opportunity to choose between increasingly personalized holiday packages in line with their interests. Thanks to Bookingfor, ADV and TO will allow travelers to book their holiday packages directly online or to compose a personalized holiday package by purchasing the various services included in the portal by tour operators.
For digital start-ups that promote tourism and culture
For digital startups operating in the tourism sector, Bookingfor provides complete and well-documented API interfaces to create Apps, websites or portals that can communicate with the booking engines, management systems and Channel Managers hosted on the servers of our technology partners. Digital startups thus offer tourists an efficient service and a better online booking experience, and, at the same time, create new business from which they derive further and more profitable income.

Bookingfor is a powerful search and booking engine for tourism promotion portals of DMOs (Consortia, Cooperatives, Local, territorial or national authorities, tourism promotion companies or business networks), for websites, portals or blogs that promote tourism, for the portals of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators and the sites and portals of tourism startups.

The strengths of Bookingfor

Affordable monthly subscription

Monthly subscription, advantageous, modular based on your business volumes, and without long duration constraints.


It manages all types of tourist accommodation resources, rooms, apartments, pitches, caravans, bungalows…, respecting the logic of counting the budget of each.

Updated resources

All resources can be updated at any time directly by individual tour operators.

Bookings and direct transactions

Reservations and transactions take place directly with the operator.

The traveler is supported by the operator

It is the operator who directly provides assistance to the tourist who has booked.

Immediate integration

Once the subscription is signed, Bookingfor is integrated into the portal, website or blog quickly and with a few clicks. And you can get your new business off the ground right away.


It can be integrated with web analytics systems and offers search and conversion statistics.

No ADV or TO license

You do not need a travel agency or tour operator license: reservations are direct.


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