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Current API:
The relationship with the developers for BookingFor is fundamental and for this reason we encourage the use of our BookingFor API to build a powerful and integrated booking tool for your business.
We provide a free developer account that allows you to create, test and migrate your data to a new system. To upgrade your account to a developer account, you simply need to create a ticket while logged into your BookingFor account. In the ticket you will only have to tell us who you are and what you intend to develop, we will then contact you to define with you the best strategy to adopt. BookingFor easily allows web designers, developers and system integrators to integrate a new generation booking system into a front-end of their choice.
A Developer Account is essentially a free version of the basic solution.
Keep in mind the following considerations:
  • All types of subscriptions including free trial subscriptions and the developer account are subject to our terms and conditions of service
  • A Developer Account does not include a support plan after the initial free trial period.
  • Basic support via e-mail and community support are always available when needed. If you need further help during your integration phase, please consider upgrading your subscription. Remember that if your subscription is inactive for a period of six months it will be automatically canceled.
  • Make sure your customer has opened a new subscription in their name when you switch to the production environment.
Discover the Bookingfor certification program!

With Bookingfor certify the management system, the booking engine, the channel manager or the website of your customers, and simplify their life. The integration will allow them to communicate more securely and directly with Bookingfor and make the most of its features.

Bookingfor provides well documented and easy to integrate API interfaces, developed in compliance with OTA standards. If you are a developer, systems integrator, channel manager / PMS, web agency, access the specific Developers Area section