BookingFor is an integrated multi-merchant and multi-product booking system. From the hotel to bicycle rental, from the tour to the cellars to the soccer fields, from the cooking course to the wellness treatment, our open source software allows you to book any type of product or service, and in absolute safety.

Here it is top 10 reasons why you should choose BookingFor to promote and enhance your tourist destination:

  • Booking portal generator, convenient, easy and intuitive, Bookingfor is a powerful and effective marketing tool of the territory, and it iscommission free.
  • It allows you to book any type of product or service online, per day, per night or by the hour, thus allowing to develop new business andincrease the volume of reservations.
  • Being a multi-product and multi-merchant booking system, it allows tourists to build and book apersonalized holiday package, for a fuller and more complete stay experience. That is, what travelers of all ages are looking for today.
  • Bookings and transactions can all be direct, and therefore no travel agency or tour operator license is required, or centralized on your current account. You choose, depending on your business model.
  • Each resource can be quickly updated by individual operators. The procedure is easy, intuitive and accessible to all.
  • And thesingle operator or merchant to relate directly with the customer, and therefore also to lend him any assistance.
  • L’subscription is monthly, convenient, modular depending on the volume of business, and has no onerous and limiting duration constraints.
  • Since Bookingfor can be integrated with web analytics systems,you can have search and conversion statistics.
  • Subscription activated, Bookingfor is integrated into the website, blog or portal with a few simple clicks, and it is immediately operational.
  • Can try it for free Bookingfor for 21 days. No credit card needed, there are no automatic renewals at the end of the test, and the bookings you will receive during these 21 days are real.
At this point, why not try all the BookingFor features and take advantage of the business opportunities offered by it advanced system that allows you to create and manage unlimited tourist booking portals multi structure in self-service mode? Activate your free trial now.
Activate your free trial now.
Reservations are real, no credit card required, no automatic renewal.