What is BookingFor, and what are the most important news of the latest version?

Bookingfor was born thinking of the need to create a booking system to create and manage destination portals, business groups, and private initiatives organized to enhance territories and local events. To date it is the only system that allows you to create and manage multi-structure tourist booking portals in self-service mode , and with the new features it allows you to book a whole series of services and products to support the holiday, at different time slots (days , nights, hours).

Why Bookingfor Local Travel Alliance?

The need to find alternative sales solutions to OTAs led us to realize that it was urgent to start from a new vision. The starting point that we identified was the need to enhance the territory and all the experiences it offers its guests . A terrain on which OTAs have no power. From here we identified the opportunity to create a real alliance between the operators of the individual destinations, and the need to give them a concrete operational tool to increase booking volumes., that it was easy to use, without resource limits and without commissions. A tool that would return the most total management autonomy to individual merchants. Consider that with Bookingfor each operator directly manages relations with guests, defines their own contract conditions and establishes their own pricing and marketing policies.

How did the idea of ​​an integrated multi-merchant and multi-product booking system come about?

It is a natural evolution of the philosophy behind Bookingfor: managing tourist incoming at 360 °, enhancing the entire destination, to offer increasingly complete travel experiences , ensure quality services and respond to the needs and requirements of tourists and operators .

How are software updates managed over time?

All improvements and new features will be available automatically and free of charge . Research and development are an essential added value for us, and are elements on which we focus a lot. We want to offer our customers an increasingly powerful and innovative service that allows them to expand their business and develop new ones

What differentiates Bookingfor from other booking systems?

First of all, technology and functionality. Bookingfor is a very powerful online booking system, but really simple and intuitive. It was conceived precisely to generate and increase direct bookings via the web, and to allow each operator to manage everything independently. Furthermore, Bookingfor follows the volume of your business and you can insert an unlimited number of resources, whether they are services or products.

Is it possible to try the software?

Certainly, and there’s more. Bookingfor can be tried for free for 21 days at full capacity . During the test the software is fully functional, and the reservations received are real and concrete, and therefore monetizable, without incurring costs.


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