The price per derived person mode allows you to manage people and reduced prices even if only the resource price is received from the channel manager.
In order to correctly configure this calculation mode:

  • 1) Indicate the tariff categories associated with the resource
  • 2) Enable person prices if not activated
  • 3) Set the Value for people field to “Base value derived from resource price”
  • 4) Set the number of people included in the resource price received by the channel manager (maximum or minimum occupancy depending on the channel manager)
  • 5) Set how many people will pay full price (derived from previous settings)
  • 6) If the values ​​of the people change according to the seat (ex: third bed), change the item Seat up to the desired seat number
  • 7-8) Set the age ranges for each seat with their respective value per seat

In the example below, the resource costs € 120 in a B&B for 3 people
Single person cost => 120/3 = 40 €
Up to second place, each person costs as a whole (40 €)
In third place, the adult costs -10% compared to the full price (40 € -10% = 36 €)