By purchasing 1 urgent / out of hours intervention ticket, you can request interventions with the utmost urgency and / or outside office hours, and possibly on holidays. Based on the request and the period, the quantity of tickets to be purchased will be communicated. The purchase will be made via PayPal .


* Acceptance of the Terms of Use for Bookingfor® Services ref: https: //
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** The actual value of the intervention is calculated from the moment the report is opened in our assistance system.If the intervention is expected to exceed 1 ticket, an estimate of the necessary tickets will be reported to allow you to evaluate how to proceed .
CUSTOMIZATIONS: Ipertrade will have no obligation to deliver the program sources to the Customer and will have the right to use said customizations for other users / customers / accounts and will be able to insert them, totally or partially, in its programs without any obligation to the Customer even if made on request and analysis of the same.