Are you a web agency and do you develop tourism sites?

Join the Bookingfor web agency partner network.
You will be able to access exclusive commissions, exclusive training, update webinars,
dedicated support and many other contents designed exclusively for web agencies that
choose to integrate our booking engine in the development of sites for hotels, accommodation facilities,
thematic tourist portals or sites of events.

6 good reasons to become a partner

Bookingfor agency Partners can count on some exclusive advantages.

All customers in one subscription

You can manage the booking engines of all your customers via free widgets from a single scalable subscription, optimizing the investment.

Marketing resources

You can access the marketing resources you need to train your customers on BookingFor.

Dedicated support

You can count on dedicated support and management , including access to our technical support team.

Developer access

You have access to the tools and resources you need to build and deploy tailor-made solutions to meet your customers’ specific needs.

Product training

Our Product Experts offers training sessions and webinars to help you expand product knowledge and better assist your customers.

Exclusive Commissions

Earn money by offering new services to your customers: a good way to expand your business thanks to a clear commission plan.

Clear fees

Become part of Bookingfor’s network of web agency partners, you can have exclusive
commissions that will allow you to expand your offer and your profits.


1 to 5 subscriptions purchased


From 5 to 10 purchased subscriptions


10+ subscriptions purchased

The commission is applied to the total annual cost of the purchased subscriptions.
The total cost is given by the fee of the version used (Base, Standard, Pro or Enterprise) plus any additional packages of requests and reservations that can be purchased in addition to those included in the fee.
The commission is applied on a minimum subscription of 12 months.


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