User guide

In accordance with the GDPR

On May 25, 2018, the new general data protection regulation (GDPR) comes into force. In view of this important deadline, Bookingfor has already adapted its hardware and software infrastructure to meet the requirements of the new legislation and in particular:

  1. Data retention: Bookingfor allows the administrator to set the period in which the data will be kept and managed within the platform in order to comply with the information provided to users. Upon expiry of the retention period set, the platform will automatically delete the personal data, lying only the aggregate quantitative statistical values ​​to allow any performance analysis on a time basis;
  2. Right to be forgotten: Bookingfor allows the administrator to delete all data relating to a specific user, if the latter explicitly requests it. elimination takes place in a simple and fast mood with a simple click in the administrative area
  3. Saving consents: when a reservation or request is made, Bookingfor saves the consents expressed by users and keeps track of them for the entire duration of the treatment;
  4. Access to data and right of rectification: the system makes available to each user who has made a reservation or a request a dedicated administrative area which can be accessed by authenticating with their credentials to manage, rectify, delete their personal data or individuals consents issued;
  5. Portability: from their own dedicated area, each user can export their data in standard formats (json, xml, csv, etc.) to transfer them to other systems or suppliers;
  6. Anonymization: All the data in the Bookingfor databases are encrypted and visible only and exclusively to the users who are entitled to them.