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Tariff categories

First of all!

Prima Before ceating a fare category it is neceessary to have previously created the cancellation terms and the related payment methods. Find out how to create a new cancellationTerm

The “tariff category” refers to the set of fundamental elements of a reservation, such as:

  • the cancellation terms
  • prices
  • the length of stay
  • the type of accommodation
  • the release (the number of days in advance required for booking)

How do I reach this section?

From the main menu:  Settings  ->  Tariff categories -> New

The optimization of the tariff plans allows you to create solid foundations for your business in order to reach customers who are increasingly attentive to flexibility and tranquility. Bookingfor prepares some pre-set rate plans which can still be added or modified at any time:
  • Standard Rate with Free Cancellation:

a flexible rate plan with free cancellation allows potential travelers to have more freedom for any reason. Free cancellation rates are usually more expensive, because customers are willing to pay more in exchange for greater peace of mind in cancellation policies.

  • Non refundable:

designed mainly for those who want to save, the non-refundable rates help to have certain bookings and earnings. The prices of the non-refundable are usually lower than those with free cancellation, but it is also true that these rate plans allow you to receive a higher number of bookings, due to the more attractive prices.

  • Book in advance:the Early Booking rate plan allows you to get reservations in advance, and generally costs less than other rates. You will have to create multiple fare categories to combine them with various types of cancellation or with non-refundable conditions.

What should I do now!

After creating the new conditions, you need to link them to a rate in order to activate them on your page. Find out how to associate a new cancellation policy with a Resource