User guide


With the term “Subscription” means the subscription to the services offered by BookingFor through a monthly subscription.

Each subscription created has the ability to create within it Account at will, bearing in mind the constraints dictated by the subscription type (available at )

There are 5 types of subscriptions available: Trial, Basic, Standard, Pro and Enterprise .

They differ in the number of Merchants that can be instantiated, the number of Booking / Booking req included, the number of resources, the number of accounts and the type of support offered.

The Trial subscription offers the user the possibility to try the software for free in its entirety having as constraints only the time duration of 21 days and the quantity of instantiable merchants equal to 5.

To create a new trial subscription, simply go to the site and fill out the contact form and then be redirected to the “Try now” selection, you will be redirected to a page like the following

where by following the step by step instructions you will be guided to create a new subscription.