Central Reservation Office

With CRO (Central Reservation Office) Multimerchant it refers to the function that helps manage a bookingfor subscription or collaborators of individual merchant to manage quickly and accurately all requests for quotes and bookings received by telephone, e-mail, form request on the Merchant websites. Front office operators and booking centers are therefore facilitated in creating reservations, quotes and booking options, for requests that can come not only from the bookingfor frontend interface but also from a simple phone call, general requests via the web and walk- in.

The CRO is accessed directly from the reservations and requests menu and by creating a new quote:

Dashboard -> Reservations and Requests -> + New

The search form allows, based on multiple selections, to check all the resources that can be booked among all or a selection of merchants:

Once the result has been obtained, it is always possible to proceed using the filters to segment the resources to be proposed with the most appropriate rates.

Each proposed value is already the verified result for availability, minimum stay, people, age groups, reductions, discounts but at any time it will be possible to intervene manually to modify what is automatically proposed.

Once you have identified what you want to propose, just click to create a new quote or add the rate to an existing proposal.

Preparing the estimates according to the customer’s needs, click CHECKOUT and check the data of the estimates, for each item the unit price will be displayed with any deposit and at the foot of the page the Total will be displayed
It is possible to atttach PDF files
and introduce the quotation with an initial message that will be sent via email to the customer by filling in the “Personal Data” section with the guest’s personal data or by selecting it from those present in CRM.
It is also possible to make some settings giving a temporal validity to the estimates, forcing overbooking or not allocating availability.

If there is a need to communicate with the guest, refer to the Messages section

The sending of the quotation will add in the “Reservations and requests” list the proposed estimates identified by the CRO sending channel in the status and at the same time will send a communication to the customer

Following the link, the customer will be directed to his user area where he can choose whether to accept one of the quotes by going to status or respond for further information.

By selecting each individual Request, you will be able to access the details to send the notification again, modify the estimates or confirm one.
Confirmation of a quote will put the quote into status