Resource Detail

How do I reach this section?

From the main menu: Ads -> Resources-> Resource

This section is divided into three main areas Descriptions, Services and Geographic Information.

Each resource is mainly characterized by a Name, a Description and the Terms of Use in the language. Depending on the languages ​​that the Administrator Account has made available to the merchants of the subscription, it will be possible to switch from one translation tab to another and to insert textually the desired contents of the specific areas. Text formatting in the Description section is limited with the BBcode.

In this area the services of the resource only are made available. This list of services is made available by the subscription through the management of the Tags. In this area, therefore, you can only select the available service and for some of them indicate whether it is Included, Free or Paid.

Geographical information
In this area you can choose whether to use geographic coordinates inherited from the merchant (classic example of a room-type resource with coordinates inherited from the hotel-type merchant) or use customized geographic coordinates (classic example of an apartment-type resource with coordinates customized location of the apartment itself and not of the real estate agency that manages it

Once you have entered the custom address you must click Search on map if you want your resource to be placed in the indicated address. If you want to improve the positioning of the resource, simply click on the red pointer and drag it to the exact point where your resource is located.

The value indicated as distance (in this case 3219 m) refers to the distance of the resource from the center of the municipality indicated in the address. The point indicated as the center of the municipality has been retrieved from the geonames reference database (as for all geographic information) and is common for all Bookingfor subscriptions. In case you want to suggest us a more correct position of the center of a locality, after our verification we can change the point after indicating the exact coordinates of the center of the locality by requesting an intervention in the assistance area