Prices per occupant type

The price mode by occupant type allows you to indicate a single price for the resource for a certain configuration of people (eg: 2 adults + 1 child 5 years), with the possibility of receiving the price from the channel manager. With this calculation mode, only the resource price can be used
In order to correctly configure this calculation mode:

  • 1) Indicate the tariff categories associated with the resource
  • 2) Open the people section by clicking on “View”
  • 3) Set the age ranges set for the resource
  • 4) Enable prices by occupant type if not active
  • 5) Set the various configurations supported by the resource
Verify 3 people 18 years:

Verify 2 persons 18 years + 1 person 5 years:

Verify 2 persons 18 years + 1 person 0 years: The estimate is not calculated because there is no valid configuration with this request