Merchant details

How do I reach this section?

From the main menu: Settings -> Merchant -> Details TAB

Below is the details page of a merchant:

How to bring up the other merchant management sections?

it will be sufficient to insert the required fields and save to be able to manage the other features. The Service Tags in the Settings Tab only appear after the merchant has been saved for the first time

This section is divided into three main areas: Main Information, Descriptions, Geographic Information.

Main information
Each merchant is mainly characterized by a Name and a reference email. Further information specific to the Merchant Category to which they belong can then be added, such as the Rating per merchant (stars).

Each merchant is characterized by a Description and useful information in the language. Depending on the languages ​​that the Administrator Account has made available to the merchants of the subscription, it is possible to switch from one translation tab to another and to insert textually the desired contents of the specific areas. Text formatting in the Description section is limited with the BBcode.

Geographic Information
Each merchant is characterized by a geographic position. Fill in the text fields and locate the merchant on the map by specifying his address. Once the address has been entered, click the Search on map button The red pointer will be positioned at the point of the address after which it will be possible to move the pointer by clicking on it and then moving it to the most exact position.